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   As I begin my third time as President of the Bountiful Club, I stand in awe, respect and humbled by the volunteer efforts of our club and our members. Witness the following from just the last year:

   Bountiful Lions Club members screened 5016 first and second grade children for vision problems, ensuring the ability to clearly see in the classroom. BLC members contributed almost 400 volunteer hours supporting these screening events.  BLC members also volunteered an additional 62 hours in the mobile eye clinic operated by EyeCare 4 Kids organization.

   In conjunction with the Davis Arts Council, Bountiful Lions Club members donated over 140 volunteer hours at the two day Summerfest event staffing a food stand with the proceeds going directly to the DAC

   Members of the Bountiful Lions Club operated the Chuck Wagon Breakfast, serving over 1100 people, with the proceeds, approximately $3000, being donated to three Davis County human service organizations. 

   The Bountiful Lions Club handed out more than 8,000 American Flags at the Bountiful Handcart Parade.

   In conjunction with the Bountiful Jeep Posse the Bountiful Lions Club conducted a very popular shooting event for the visually impaired at the BLC range. The BLC also sponsored the Bountiful Jeep Posse Ham Shoot with the total revenue being donated by the BJP to the Bountiful City Veterans Memorial Park

   The BLC participated in staffing the Emergency Preparedness Fair.

President Lion Barry Kelly

   Bountiful Lions Club in conjunction with Head Start, “adopted” six families in a Sub for Santa Program purchasing more than $2500 in toys and goods for financially disadvantaged families.

   In total, Bountiful Lions Club donated funds to nine different charitable causes in the last year.

   The Bountiful Lions Club collected hundreds of used eye glasses to be donated to those in need. 

   Finally the Bountiful Lions Club, just before Thanksgiving conducted our annual and highly anticipated “Turkey Shoot” using clay traps with frozen turkeys for prizes. Hundreds of members of our community participated in the event, which was completely staffed by volunteers. All proceeds from the event go to sponsor the charitable work conducted by the BLC.

   In reading the accomplishments, how could you not be proud to be President of such a community oriented organization? I look forward in the coming year as a dynamic and exciting opportunity to continue building on the momentum of the previous years.

   For over 80 years the Bountiful Lions Club – “Knights for the Blind” has served our south Davis County residents, improving the quality of life in our community.  If what I have written sounds like an organization you might be interested in becoming a part of, please jump to the membership section in this site. We would love to provide you the opportunity to meet us and discuss the Bountiful Lions Club further. 

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